Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween Craziness

Eep, I haven't posted anything in awhile. I've got a lot of pics to post and some cool stuff but I need to put Photoshop on my computer so I can resize and add text and stuff.

Basically for the last two weeks I've been helping plan a Halloween party and it ATE my entire week last week. I got home from shopping and picking up last minute stuff at like 11pm Friday night and then stayed up till flippin 6am making mini cheesecakes, carving pumpkins and getting everything ready. The party itself was yesterday. It was ok, I had fun. I rapped there but did a dance too. Lol the neighbors in the apartment next door were watching from above and started cheering.

Like whenever I go out, I'm ALWAYS doing something at the last minute and then forget to take pics for a FOTD. I loved my makeup so much yesterday, a blackest black smoky eye with cool Halloween falsies. I wore all black and a military type vest like The Black Parade with ripped leggings and fishnets and a black petticoat. I'm gonna try to get pics from someone who went.

I'm still really tired from it all. This weekend is Halloween, I'm excited. :]
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