Thursday, March 17, 2016

Kiss Me, I'm Irish

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Today I've got the most colorful #OOTD I've posted in a long time, along with this year's St. Paddy's day nails.

This entire outfit is Fashion Q. The boots were a Christmas gift and I'm still so happy with them, even though they blend in with my black jeans.

Of course my nails had to get in on the festivities. I mentioned how I've been using the same green polishes for years now. This year I found the newest Pure Ice display and I was so excited to actually find it. I see so many people posting that their Walmarts don't stock the new collections. To be fair, I kind of stumbled upon it. It was in a cardboard display hanging at the end of a random aisle outside the beauty section. These are worth the hunt though!

I used the entire Pure Ice St. Patrick's Day collection: Charmed I'm Sure, Be My Clover, White On Time, and Irish I Was Orange. These adorable rings from Walmart made for a perfect match.

These nails are Irish all the way. Sometimes I think of what I want to do in advance, but with these I wasn't sure. My mom really likes the group Celtic Thunder. I remember watching their first show with her back in the day. She was in the hospital a few years ago and when she got out and was recovering she rediscovered them and since then she's gotten me into watching them too. At the end of their newest show they did "Ireland's Call" and when I saw the flag behind them, I got my inspiration. I mean this collection kind of calls for it, right?

It's always funny to me when I do something simple and spontaneous and I end up loving it.

Hope everyone has a good one today!

Monday, March 14, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Nails Throwback

When it comes to holiday nails, sometimes I don't post them until a whole year later. Why? I do them on the day of the actual holiday and then it's too late to post. By then everyone's sick of it. Although I know a few people who probably could never get sick of green beer!

So here's my 2015 St. Patrick's Day nails. I think I've used these same polishes for every St. Patrick's Day since I've been into nail polish.

I used Call You Later, Happy Ending, and Irish Green all by Sinful Colors. The metallic green shamrocks and dots are a green Snowman Polish.

Spoiler alert: I've done my nails already for this year and I actually used different colors besides green and different polishes. Stay tuned...

Grey Half Moons

I don't really know what to call these. Heck I don't really know when I did these. I've had them on my phone since last year and posted them on Instagram a few weeks ago.

This is an unnamed grey Love & Beauty polish from Forever 21 with Wet N' Wild - Black Creme dry brushed over it. I love dry brushing almost as much as I love these hues.
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