Monday, March 14, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Nails Throwback

When it comes to holiday nails, sometimes I don't post them until a whole year later. Why? I do them on the day of the actual holiday and then it's too late to post. By then everyone's sick of it. Although I know a few people who probably could never get sick of green beer!

So here's my 2015 St. Patrick's Day nails. I think I've used these same polishes for every St. Patrick's Day since I've been into nail polish.

I used Call You Later, Happy Ending, and Irish Green all by Sinful Colors. The metallic green shamrocks and dots are a green Snowman Polish.

Spoiler alert: I've done my nails already for this year and I actually used different colors besides green and different polishes. Stay tuned...

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