Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wet N Wild Color Icon Palette - Vanity

FIRST REVIEW! I picked this up after reading good things about it online and I have to say, I wasn't disappointed.

WHAT YOU GET: 6 shades, 3 matte, 3 shimmer, and each group containing a good lid, crease, and highlight color. Of course you can mix and match, that's part of the fun.

I was in need of some neutral eyeshadows. I think I have almost every color of the rainbow but very few neutrals. Enter the Wet N' Wild Color Icon Vanity palette, which filled that gap in one swift motion. Oh and at a fraction of what my other eyeshadows cost.


THESE SHADOWS ARE PIGMENTED! That was surprising. Of course I buy products hoping that the quality will be good but you never know. Drugstore products sometimes have a bad rep for being sheer, and I've even bought high end stuff that were let-downs. Not these though.

THEY STAY. I didn't use a base or primer the first time I used them and when I got home I didn't notice any creasing. And usually eyeshadows crease on me.

THE PRICE. These are priced at $4.99. A lot of places have discounts or sales. I picked mine up at Rite Aid for $3.99. At that price, you really can't go wrong.


BE CAREFUL! These are soft, which isn't actually a bad thing, but don't go digging your brush too hard and be careful to not get fall out in the other colors. I didn't have any fall out on my face but I did spill a bit in the surrounding shades.

That's it, I like everything else about this product. Maybe the price DID make me feel like I over-paid for other stuff in my collection, but I can't list that.

OVERALL: I have to say I love every shade. I lean towards the matte crease shade, a rich chocolate brown, quite a bit. But I have to admit the medium lid shade on the shimmer side is absolutely gorgeous. It's a velvety golden honey shade that goes on like butter. I feel like I gotta add "LIKE BUTTAH" simply for emphasis.

Now I did say that my neutral collection was a bit lacking so I don't own many other shades to compare, but two that I do own are M.A.C.'s Retrospeck and Mulch. The light and dark shimmer shades in this palette make pretty good dupes for them.

This little palette is low on cost but packs a punch and I'm glad I was able to round out my collection with it. I'm already thinking it would make a nice present, especially for girls who are new to makeup. These are all wearable, everyday shades that would please everyone. Plus the pigmentation and texture make it easy to work with. It's a nice change to see matte shades at the drugstore, too.

IN A NUTSHELL: For the price, this is a steal. $4.99 for a single good eyeshadow is a great deal, but for 6? That's just plain crazy. Everybody needs neutrals in their collection. If you're looking for a good selection of neutral shades, this is your one stop ticket.

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