Saturday, May 19, 2012

Leather, Studs, & Heart Cutouts

Hey guys! That title is probably going to get me some WILD searches and stuff coming up on my stats page I bet. :p

I kind of stumbled upon this mani. I didn't know what to do and tried my first cutout accent nail. I used mainly the brush of the polish and a toothpick to help it a bit. I really really loved the result though. These remind me to Rihanna.

I went with some silver dots on the other nails and wanted them to look like studs. China Glaze - Millenium is the BEST silver. It's opaque, it dries fast, it's so shiny, you can use it for stamping, and it looks like foil when it's on an entire nail. LOVE.

I used:
Wet N' Wild - Black Creme
China Glaze - Millenium
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Clearly Quick

What do you think? What do they remind you of? Who wants to bet on what dirty things wind up on my stats page? I kid you not, one of my recent searches was part of my username and "nude"... I found it interesting.

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