Monday, December 14, 2015

Thankful Vibes #ootd

It's been an absolutely insane year. Insane in a not good way. My uncle, who took many of my pictures that I've posted here through the years passed away during the summer, after two years bravely battling cancer. I know I've mentioned him quite a bit here and in the months since, I've missed him so much, especially during special occasions when he'd be the one taking pictures.

Thanksgiving is one of those occasions. I think the holidays in general can be incredibly hard after such a loss. Suddenly, that empty seat becomes all the more glaringly obvious.

In a nod to him I went out and got my first "fancy" camera, a Sony a5100. With a tripod and the mobile app, I can use my iPhone as a remote to take pictures of myself. Of course, I'm holding my phone in the pics and I miss having his company but I've been thrilled with the quality. It's not for nothin' that so many makeup artists and gurus love this camera.

So I present to you my first post in a long long while, and I dedicate it to my sweet uncle who was always happy and willing to take pictures for me to post.

Hat, choker, necklace & rings// Forever 21

Shoes// Hot Topic

Top// unknown

Skirt// Gifted

Nails// Wet N' Wild Wild Shine - Black Creme
            Wet N' Wild - Naughty and Iced

So can we talk for a second about my pink hair? I've always went to a salon to do my dip dyed pink streaks, and I happened to go the same day my uncle had to move to a home to be cared for. I went to visit him after I got done and he loved the pink and started talking to me about the show Kawaii International and about Japanese fashion. He was just THAT cool. My pink washed out but I wanted to do it myself for his birthday so I ordered Jerome Russell Punky Colour in the shade Flamingo Pink to try it out.

Unfortunately I ended up having to use the pink for his celebration of life instead of his birthday but I'm so in love with this dye that I've had it in ever since.

It's bright and happy and reminds me to him. And for that I'm thankful.

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