Monday, March 26, 2012

Miss DeVious DiVa Likes Rebecca Likes Nails

Hey guys, the title there pretty much speaks for itself. I've been a fan of Rebecca's nail art since Emerald Sparkled featured her on her site with her polka dot hearts mani ummm a year ago? I don't even remember haha.

I didn't really want to take off my Hunger Games mani but it started chipping and the glitter was coming off. AND I kinda HAD to enter this contest. HAD TO. Just because of the 5 themes of the contest, because I love all 5 of those too.

I based part of it off a mani that I remember Rebecca did based on a pink and silver dress she found on Pinterest. That's where that came in, and I decided to do a sideways gradient. I stamped the animal print and I did the Hello Kittys & the bows by hand with a toothpick.

Here's my left hand:

 Left thumb:

Right hand:

 Right thumb:

I used:
China Glaze - Millennium (base on pointer, middle, & pinky fingers)
Sinful Colors - Bianca (part of gradient, base on thumb & ring fingers, Hello Kitty's nose & bow)
Pure Ice - Crush (part of gradient, bow on thumb & ring fingers)
Claire's - Snow Ball (Hello Kitty's head, outline on bow)
Konad M57
Wet N' Wild Wild Shine - Black Creme (animal print stamping,  Hello Kitty's eyes & whiskers)

I hope you guys like it! It's been a rainy day out here in Cali so there wasn't any sun to take pics in. Good luck to everyone entering the contest!

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