Friday, July 6, 2012

Party In The U.S.A.

Here's the pictures I promised that my cousin and I took on the 4th Of July. I kind of feel like a hardcore fashion blogger. Also LOVE the surroundings of the neighborhood we took these in, it feels like we were someplace rustic and not in the city.

Miss DeVious DiVa 4th Of July Outfit 1 Miss DeVious DiVa 4th Of July Outfit 2
top: Love Culture shorts: Forever 21 hair feathers, jewelry, tank top, & undershorts: Walmart boots: Target
Miss DeVious DiVa 4th Of July Outfit 3

Wanna see my favorite shot in the series?
Miss DeVious DiVa 4th Of July Outfit 4

Miss DeVious DiVa 4th Of July Outfit 5
Miss DeVious DiVa 4th Of July Outfit 6
That's all! My cousin is more artistic than I thought! I gotta give her major props, she plays guitar, writes some really good stories, acts, and sings. She's a Jill of all trades, but she's actually quite good at everything she does, and she practices and works to perfect her art.

I hope this displays well for everyone. I used tables in order to get the first 2 pictures side by side, but I wanted the text and spacing to format better so I decided to post every picture in a table. I also want the spacing in my posts in my RSS feed to be the same as they are on the blog.

Geeky tech talk much? I thought so. Long Summer days of more photoshooting? For surely. :]

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