Monday, October 6, 2014

#31DC2014 Roundup

WE DID IT! The 31 Day challenge is officially over. Congratulations to everyone who finished it!

I've gathered up a roundup of all 31 days, check them out after the jump, along with a few words on my first time doing the challenge.

Click the pics to go to the original post for more pictures and information on each one.

#31DC2014 - Day 1: Red Nails
#31DC2014 - Day 2: Orange Nails
#31DC2014 - Day 3: Yellow Nails
#31DC2014: Day 4 - Green Nails
#31DC2014 - Day 5: Blue Nails
#31DC2014 - Day 6: Violet Nails
#31DC2014 - Day 7: B&W Nails
#31DC2014 - Day 8: Metallic Nails
#31DC2014 - Day 9: Rainbow Nails
#31DC2014 - Day 10: Gradient Nails
#31DC2014 - Day 11: Polka Dots
#31DC2014 - Day 12: Stripes
#31DC2014 - Day 13: Animal Print
#31DC2014 - Day 14: Flowers
#31DC2014 - Day 15: Delicate Print
#31DC2014 - Day 16: Geometric
#31DC2014 - Day 17: Glitter
#31DC2014 - Day 18: Half Moons
#31DC2014 - Day 19: Galaxy
#31DC2014 - Day 20: Water Marble
#31DC2014 - Day 21: Inspired By A Color
#31DC2014 - Day 22: Inspired By A Song
#31DC2014 - Day 23: Inspired By A Movie
#31DC2014 - Day 24: Inspired By A Book
#31DC2014 - Day 25: Inspired By Fashion
#31DC2014 - Day 26: Inspired By A Pattern
#31DC2014 - Day 27: Inspired By Artwork
#31DC2014 - Day 28: Inspired By A Flag
#31DC2014 - Day 29: Inspired By The Supernatural
#31DC2014 - Day 30: Inspired By A Tutorial
#31DC2014 - Day 31: Honor Nails You Love

Whew! I can't believe that it's both over and that I completed it. I mentioned in my first post how I've watched other bloggers do it for years and always wanted to join in. Even though it was a little bit trying at times, I'm glad that I did it. I've met so many other awesome nail bloggers, tried out a bunch of new techniques, and got a lot of practice. Once again I want to thank Chalkboard Nails for the prompts and More Nail Polish for setting up the InLinkz.

Now that it's October, it's time for some awesome Halloween nails. :)

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