Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Here Comes Peter Cottontail...

Hey guys! I mentioned in my Spring Watercolors post that I hadn't decided if I was gonna go all out on Easter nails or what. Well, I TOTALLY did. These took several hours, doing a lil at a time and letting the polish dry. Once again I used only the brushes on the polish and I busted out a trusty toothpick. Here they are, it's not like I'm posting them a week after Easter or anything, right? ;)

I won't list what polishes I used because there were so many. I probably used Wet N' Wild polishes the most. If you'd like to know anything in particular, feel free to leave a comment or contact me. I updated my blog to include links to all the social networks I'm on, and you can now subscribe via email to my feed.

I won't make a seperate outfit & makeup post because I did kinda neutral makeup and didn't get as many cool or interesting shots. Here's a few that made the cut. My cousin took these in my aunt's living room, while the entire family was sitting around talking. So I felt super awkward posing in front of them lol.

Yea couldn't really go all VOGUE!!!! JAZZ HANDS!!!! in front of the aunts and uncles haha.

Make sure to subscribe, I'm trying to provide as many ways as possible for people to get content. Good stuff coming up this week, including my first post on getting creative with wrapping a gift (on the cheap too), and a post on the awesome Born Pretty Store. Stay tuned!

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