Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tonight We Are Young Part 2

My cousin and I turned our other cousin's room into our own lash bar before we performed together. My cousin is, as she puts it, "not a girl" ! She's never worn fake lashes before, and as for me, well I've only ever worn crazy Halloween ones. She's interested in them so I picked some up for us. This was the first time I've ever applied a pair on anyone. It was fun! The majority of my friends have always been guys, so we don't spend a lot of time applying lashes on each other haha.
We're not experts and well, we probably shouldn't have taken pics at the end of the night, after waiting to eat till after we performed and then jumping on the leftovers!

So here's my cousin. She did her makeup with an e.l.f. palette and her lashes are Revlon Beyond Natural - Double Wink. She wanted crazy ones and these were the craziest they had at the store. I think they look like feather lashes. Or something Katy Perry would wear.

As for me, I went with something toned down.

M.A.C - Retrospeck eyeshadow (as a wash over the lid and under the brows)
Wet N' Wild Vanity palette (the gold and some of the brown, in crease)
M.A.C - Blacktrack Fluidline
Wet N' Wild Mega Lash Clinical Mascara - Very Black
Revlon Fantasy Lengths - Flirty

Wet N' Wild Silk Finish Lipstick - 516C Sunset Peach
M.A.C - Girl About Town
Love And Beauty Lipgloss - Cherry

Something about that pic reminded us to Nicki Minaj. We don't know why either. We had video of our performance but it turned out too dark, which is too bad, because we definitely rocked it like true Barbz that night!

& just because no post is complete without an action pic:

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