Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halloween Week Day 2: Black & Orange Witch

Welcome to Day 2 of Halloween Week! I promised yall yesterday that today's look would focus on the makeup and nails and I'm coming through!

This one's from Halloween 2009. I had just started my blog and went ALL OUT on my costume cause I was gonna totally post lots of pics and IT WAS GONNA ROCK. So yea, *checks date* what up 2012. Better late than never right?

I got the top petticoat and the hat from Claire's. The black shirt is a real shirt that I already owned.

When I said I went ALL OUT, I did so on my makeup too. Check it out:

I don't really remember what I used on my eyes but I think it involved M.A.C - Melon pigment and probably M.A.C - Retrospeck because it's my favorite and maybe even M.A.C - Fab & Flashy.

The spiderweb was done with M.A.C - Blacktrack Fluidline
Lips was an orange lipstick from Walmart's Halloween stuff with Hard Candy Plexi Gloss - Diamond on top. 

Here's a close up of my nails:
I did these with an orange nail polish from Walmart's Halloween stuff and a black nail art brush and pen thing from Forever 21.

I like that this was cutesy and girly but not super skanky haha. That's kind of what I look for in costumes!

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