Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween Week Day 4 - Playboy Bunny

Welcome to Day 4 of Halloween Week!

This was a last minute costume. How do you know you have a last minute costume? When you're at the store the day before Halloween and they're starting to clear out the Halloween stuff to put out Christmas stuff, YOU'RE LAST MINUTE STATUS.

I planned on going as a mummy but it didn't look good so I returned the costume and the selection was bare. I ended up buying a set of bunny ears that came with a tail and a bow tie... which reminded me to a Playboy Bunny and I knew I had this shirt so I picked up the petticoat for the bottom and voila!

You might notice a wheelchair in these pictures. That was a prop, I had it for Hef. ;] Nah I actually had it for a relative that fell that day and still wanted to go out trick or treating. In the end she didn't need it and we put food on it when we walked home from a party lol.

This was back in 2010 and another that I don't totally remember what I used for makeup. We can probably say M.A.C - Retrospeck was the highlight, and I think I used a shiny pink loose shadow from Hot Topic. On my nails I had a glow in the dark polish from Walmart, it came in a set with lipstick.
I also forgot to do close up pics that night. I remember I got sick with the flu the day after my uncle's birthday party that I posted about here and I was still getting over it that night. I'm sick as I type this so blah I needa arm myself with vitamin C in October don't I?

Hopefully I'll start feeling better soon so I can start doing some more Halloween nails!

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