Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Week Day 3 - Nails, Nails, Nails

Welcome to Day 3 of Halloween Week!

Today I'm rounding up some of the Halloween nails I've posted.
First up, I found these in my old pics folder. I did these on October 1st 2009 and wanted something that reminded me to Fall. Here's some vintage Miss DeVious DiVa for y'all.

I used Sally Hansen - Mink & Diamonds
Konad plate m63
Konad black special polish
I had discovered Konad that year and kinda went nuts getting plates lol.

These actually aren't as bad as I thought they'd be when I found them. The only thing that kinda makes me laugh is that all the nails I took pics of back then had a foil background haha.

These were done last year, and the full post for them is HERE.

And here's my more recent Slaughterhouse nails, which are perfect for Halloween. Better yet, don't clean them up after you do the splatter. You can find the original post (with pics after clean up) HERE.
I feel like I gotta say again Slaughterhouse is my favorite hip hop group. I actually hate actual slaughterhouses, but slaughtering lyrically is ok with me!

I'm not posting a lot of nail art this week, but I LOVE Halloween so I'm sure throughout October I'm gonna post more. If I did a Halloween-appropriate mani in August, you can bet I'ma do some in October!


  1. These are all so awesome! I especially love the last ones, it looks like you killed a zombie with your bare hands =) Love it!

    1. haha yea I was so surprised at how much splatter came out, I had to take before pics! :) Thanks!


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