Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween Week Day 1: 1920's Flapper

Welcome to Day 1 of Halloween Week!

Let's kick things off with the only packaged costume that I'll be posting this week: a 1920's flapper. I wore this last year, because I actually had a flapper costume laying around that hadn't been opened.

Now you're sittin there like "why does this chick just have costumes lying around?" and the answer is because my cousin and I were gonna do a routine with the Charleston at a big family party that never went through. So yes, I have not one but TWO of these lying around, and I've got a set of purple beaded necklaces and gloves. Anyone wanna do the Charleston with me?

Yea, the black canvas shoes aren't authentically 1920's, but I walked to a party that night and didn't have black flats so they were necessary.

That is me gettin my Mae West on. Why don'tcha come up and see me sometime? I'll teach you the Charleston.

This is what I remember from my makeup:
Smokey Eyes
M.A.C - Blacktrack Fluidline
M.A.C - Carbon eyeshadow
M.A.C - Retrospeck eyeshadow as highlight

a combo of all the reds I own & a tiny bit of M.A.C - Kittenish lipstick
Love & Beauty - Cherry lipgloss

Needless to say, I didn't do any nail art haha. I did paint my nails pink though!

That's about it. What did you guys dress up as last year? I think I'm gonna do something vintage again this year.


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